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4th Workshop on Consumer Search


Thursday, May 30



9.00     Welcome

9.00     Yongmin Chen (Colorado),Entry and Welfare in Search Markets  .pdf

Discussant:Andrew Rhodes (University of Oxford)

10.00   Arthur Fishman (Bar-Ilan University), Search with Categories  .pdf

Discussant:Roman Chuhay (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)

11.30   Espen Moen (Oslo),Exclusive dealing in decentralized markets  .pdf

Discussant:Matthijs Wildenbeest (Indiana)

12.30   Babur de los Santos (Indiana), Estimating the Effect of the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price  

            Discussant: Sergei Koulayev (Keystone Strategy, LLC)

14.30   Sandro Shelegia (Vienna), Retailers’ Cost Uncertainty and Consumer Search with Product Differentiation  .pdf

Discussant: Anton Sobolev (Higher School of Economics, Moscow 

 15.30   Dmitry Lubensky (Indiana), A Model of Recommended Retail Prices.

Discussant: Martin Obradovits (Vienna)

17.00   Maarten Janssen (University of Vienna and HSE, Moscow) Non-Reservation Price Equilibria(re-visited)  .pdf

Discussant:Michael Rauh (Indiana)



Friday, May 31


9.00     Maria Arbatskaya (Emory), Food Allergen Liability and Regulation When Consumer Label Reading Effort Counts  .pdf

Discussant:Sergey Popov (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)

10.00   Jose Luis Moraga-Gonzalez (Free University Amsetrdam),Do higher search costs make the markets less competitive?

Discussant:Knut-Eric Joslin (Norwegian Business School, Oslo) 

11.30   Nuray Akin (Florida), Searching on a Deadline  .pdf

Discussant: Vladimir Pavlov(Higher School of Economics, Moscow)

12.30   Alexei Parakhonyak (Higher School of Economics, Moscow), Search Without Priors

            Discussant: Marco Haan (Groningen)

14.30   Regis Renault  (Cergy-Pontoise), Platform contents  .pdf

            Discussant:Chris Wilson (Loughborough University)

15.30   Martin Obradovits (Vienna), Austrian-style gasoline price regulations: how it may backfire  .pdf

Discussant:Mariya Arbatskaya (Emory University

17.00   Marco Haan (Groningen), Search when Consumers are Loss Averse  .pdf

            Discussant: Nuray Akin (Florida)



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